Trauma Nursing Care Course (TNCC) Certification

The Trauma Nursing Care Course (or TNCC) Certification is globally recognized as the premier course for medical facilities. Whether in hospitals or trauma centers, the TNCC certification give nurses the tools they need to provide expert trauma care: knowledge, hands-on training and critical thinking.

Whether you need your initial TNCC certification or are renewing, we can help. With campuses in Oakland, Sacramento and the Bay Area, we’ve made it easier to get your certification and get out there in the field. Choose initial or recertification below, or contact us at (510) 452-1100.

Inital TNCC Certification

This two-day, intensive course includes evidenced-based content, hands-on skills training and more. Learn how to rapidly identify life-threating injuries, give a comprehensive patient assessment and gain more confidence in the field.

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TNCC Certification Renewal

This one-day, in-person course includes skills station testing, hands-on review by expert instructors, and more. Get your 4-year verification certificate upon completion.

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